Company Profile

I.D.Corner Co., Ltd.
We are a supplier for Automation & Control and Low voltage products, which is used in the production of industrial devices such as PLC, HMI, Control, and Drives. The contractor consulting services, comprehensive solutions to customers in all industries.

Wisdom Tech (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
We have prepared this planning manual for the low-voltage switchboard to support you with this task.A power distribution board or Motor Control Centre (MCC) for industrialapplications or in the infrastructure.Thanks to the modular design, The switch-board can be optimally adapted to every requirement when designing the complete system. Combining a high level of safety with a modern design, The switchboardprovides an efficient solution.

Wisdomlogic Co., Ltd.
We are a firm specializing in engineering with diversified activities that involved in Integrated Automation Solutions &Drives Applications business with our qualified experts team in Electricity, Automation, Instrumentation and Information systems.